About the Artist, Jewelry Designer - 14 karat, 18 karat, and sterling silver jewelry

"Jill Alessandra Jewelry is a step aside from the usual using natural textures and forms in precious metals for special days and every day."

I have made jewelry for as long as I can remember. Broken jewelry, string, wire scraps, nuts and bolts - there were possibilities in anything I found. My first "collection" I made when I was 9. My grandmother worked in a ladies’ underwear factory and gave me some wonderful embroidered flowers that she had brought home. I sewed the flowers onto necklaces and bracelets crocheted with pink yarn which I gave out to all my friends.

In my teenage years I bought more serious materials like gemstones, chains, leather, and wire for my creations. Fimo clay was another favorite and I spent endless hours experimenting with the wild colors making beads and pendants. Then came college where I took my first silversmithing classes. I was in love! I knew from then on that my future was with creating jewelry and I didn’t look back. After college I worked in the costume jewelry industry for some time, but felt a nagging need to get back to my precious metal roots and to create not for the masses but for myself.

I moved to New York and opened Jill Alessandra Jewelry where I could express my own unique ideas in quality, handcrafted, silver and gold jewelry. I find my designs tend to be organic. Some follow nature quite literally as with the branch-like shapes in the Trees and Roots Collection. Other pieces are influenced by forms and textures found outdoors as in the curves in the drops of Ancient Splendor or the rotted wood grooves of the Core necklace and earrings. All of my jewelry is made in the USA with special attention to making quality, comfortable pieces that can become a woman’s favorite jewelry to be worn a lifetime.